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You mosey on over to our little corner of the web, and you’ll soon find out we’re the self-appointed sheriffs of Amazon reviews. We saddle up daily, lassos at the ready, to wrangle the good, the bad, and the ugly of Amazon finds for our fellow Americans.

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Here at Panam Fixtures, we take our reviews like we take our coffee: seriously, with no sugarcoating, and preferably with a slice of pie. You won’t find any lukewarm, sitting-on-the-fence opinions here. We go full ‘Merica on every product – we’ll let you know if it’s as reliable as a Ford truck or as disappointing as a flat soda.

We don’t claim to be the fountain of all knowledge (that’s Google’s job), but we’ve got a team that’s got more experience than a bald eagle has feathers. We’re the buddy you call when you’re in a fix, the neighbor who lends you a tool, the kind of folks who know which inflatable pool will withstand a cannonball.

We keep our eyes peeled and our biases as checked as luggage on a cross-country flight. Sure, it’d be a lot simpler to just play favorites based on who’s got the shiniest advertising, but that ain’t our style. If it’s good enough for our fiercely patriotic pets, it’s good enough to recommend to you.

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Speaking of which, did we mention we love pie?